SailCompass Features

SailCompass is the end-to-end solution for vessel management that enables you to access all critical information in one place anytime, anywhere.


Vessel Management

SailCompass’s advanced Vessel Management Software enables an end-to-end voyage management, right from scheduling to post fixture. It offers a user-friendly interface and a flexible structure and enables you to store fuel consumption details and vessel specific information on the platform. Entrust us with your vessel management while you exercise full control over your vessel inventory.


Voyage Estimation

The SailCompass software’s voyage calculator allows a chartering manager to quickly find the voyage cost, T/C per day, bunker cost, steaming and voyage days, and also helps with other ad-hoc calculations. It is designed to support all types of vessels and allows the user to create quick estimates using drag-and-drop itinerary, standard routings, and template vessels.


Distance Tables

SailCompass’s Distance Tables are known for their accuracy and are pre-configured with distances between various ports and maritime locations worldwide. It enables the user to seamlessly extract the distance between ports, or a given latitude and longitude. The software analyses all possible routing options and offers the optimal sailing route in a graphical format. The platform is updated regularly with data on new ports and other changes.


Vessel Reporting

SailCompass offers the target user with the flexibility to choose from a range of reports that are standardized and customized as per their requirements. Let your operations team and/or ship captain send vessel reports at various stages of a voyage such as the departure, arrival, in-port, and noon reports. The reporting system is so designed to offer maximum accuracy by being accessible to all key stakeholders.


Laytime & Demurrage

In the maritime industry, the calculation of laytime is one of the most tedious and time-consuming activities. But, with SailCompass’s platform, one can seamlessly and accurately calculate laytime usage at load/discharge ports and corresponding time on demurrage and demurrage costs. The platform is integrated with the vessel’s loading/discharging timesheet, and thus generates a detailed Statement of Facts with all essential details for an error-free calculation


Live Vessel Map

Sail Compass’s vessel tracking software uses data derived from satellite and terrestrial AIS that provide a real-time and latest information of vessels. The real-time location of vessels on the voyage is plotted on maps, allowing the user to accurately and effortlessly track the movement of vessels. With its superior AIS (Automatic Identification System), SailCompass provides high-resolution tracking and monitoring of global vessel movement.


Fleet Allocation & Scheduling

For chartering managers and vessel owners, taking the right decisions at the right time is key to conducting an efficient maritime business. SailCompass’s inbuilt algorithms help optimize the vessel’s route efficiency, thus maximizing time and cost savings. With a complete Vessel Management System based on advanced algorithms, SailCompass offers a flexible, scalable, user-friendly and real-time solution for fleet allocation and scheduling.



Sail Compass’s Vessel Management Software comes as a fully hosted cloud solution that is highly flexible and scalable and is fully automated. With our SaaS model, you need not worry about the hosting or IT infrastructure as we take care of the complete software and hardware of our Vessel Management System. This provides you with a reliable and uninterrupted service with nearly 99.99% uptime.


Interactive Dashboard

With years of experience in providing maritime surveillance and environmental modeling, SailCompass is a solution that is trusted by a wide range of end-users who are a part of the maritime industry. The software’s interactive and customizable dashboard supports pivoting, filtering, drilling, dicing and slicing, and interactive charting. It enables you to integrate analytical reports and visualize data with interactive maps, charts, and widgets./p>


Business Intelligence

We completely understand that different target users of SailCompass would have different informational needs. Therefore, we have designed Sail Compass’s Vessel Management Software with self-service business intelligence tools that let you manipulate, analyze and visualize voyage management data in the form that best suits your requirements to make better and prompt decisions.



The SailCompass Vessel Management System can be easily integrated with your accounting system. The platform enables you to quickly generate invoices of different types and track the invoice payment status. It also comes with advanced filtering options to view invoices by customer, by payment status, by invoice type.


Users & Access Privilege

The SailCompass platform is built for multiple target groups such as vessel managers, owners & charterers, retailers, shippers, cargo managers, maritime business intelligence agencies, fleet managers, DPA, HSQE, CSO, fishery management groups and much more. The software’s smart platform allows you to add various user roles, and restrict access based on user role, thus enabling a multi-user system with access control.



End-to-end vessel management system