A Unified Platform for
Vessel Management,
Voyage Estimation &
Vessel Reporting


Your One-stop Solution for Vessel Chartering & Ship Management Software

SailCompass is a SaaS product for vessel management, fleet allocation & scheduling, and vessel reporting offered by Georgia Holdings. As your SaaS provider, we take care of all the hardware and software requirements for all your chartering and maritime operations. Simultaneously, you benefit from the software’s accurate real-time data that helps you gain a better overview of your business, and puts you on the upward growth trajectory.

“More than 90% of global trade is executed by sea. Maritime transport is, by far, the most economical method of transporting raw materials & goods across the globe.”

How You Benefit from our SaaS Model?

Effortless upgrades

Zero Infrastructure

Lower cost

Rapid Depolyment

Anytime Access

Fully Reliable

100% Resilience


“By connecting data to the cloud that enabled the real-time access to fuel pricing data, ship location and route information, the United Arab Shipping Co saved on bunker fuel costs by 3 to 5%.”

Target User Group

SailCompass is your one-stop platform for vessel chartering and ship management. Our cloud-based application’s easy-to-use calculators and reports, along with an easy collaboration eliminate the need to use traditional methods such as a spreadsheet for daily chartering operations. Following are some of the target user groups who can benefit from SailCompass.

  • Vessel Managers, Owners & Charterers
  • Retailers, Shippers & Cargo Managers
  • In-port Service Providers
  • Fishery Management Groups
  • Maritime Security & Professional Advisors
  • Insurance Companies
  • Maritime Business Intelligence Agencies
  • Fleet Managers, DPA, HSQE & CSO


End-to-end vessel management system